Easiest Turkey Curry Recipe Ever!



Cooked Turkey

½ jar of Geo Organics Balti Curry Paste 

1 tin chopped tomatoes

1 sachet creamed coconut 

1 jar mango chutney (cheap jar is fine)

1 small carton natural low fat yoghurt

large handful fresh coriander- chopped

1 onion roughly chopped

1 red pepper roughly chopped (optional)


1.      Soften onion (and red pepper if using) on medium heat for 5 minutes in 2 tablespoons of sunflower or vegetable oil.

2.      Add leftover turkey and ½ jar of Geo Organics Balti Curry paste. Stir over heat for 5 minutes.

3.      Add ½ tin chopped tomatoes, 1 sachet of creamed coconut, 1 jar mango chutney and 50mls cold water. Simmer for 20 mins

4.      Add 1 small carton natural low fat yoghurt. Simmer on very low heat for further 5 mins.

5.      Add fresh coriander.

6.      Serve immediately.

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