40 Before 40 

#40before40 July Update

So it was Blue Monday yesterday.  Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January reported to be the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere.  Christmas is just a memory, we often haven’t yet been paid for January and it’s usually raining (apparently!).

Well whilst yesterday didn’t start well, it actually turned out pretty well.  It wasn’t  raining in the morning and I managed my longest run of the year yet – 6.7 miles.  I’ve a way to go until I can run 13 miles again for the half marathon (no 5 on the list) but it is a start!

I also sat down last night to finish off the list of the things I want to do this year (my 40th year) and try and give myself some accountability about it!  I’m pretty lucky (OK very lucky) that I’ve ticked off a variety of things that might otherwise be on a bucket list. I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve sky dived, abseiled, visited lots of amazing cities, seen the Northern Lights, been pulled in a boat with dolphins (even if I’ve not swam with them – I was 5 after all) I’ve travelled through Spain from North to South, been to America, Africa and Asia, been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and flown round the world to name a few. 

So in no particular order the things that make my bucket list this year my #40Before40 are:

1. Take on a Charity challenge preferably abroad

2. Walk 40k 

3. Camp at a Family Friendly Festival with the kids.

4. Stay in a campervan

5. Run a half marathon again.

6. Zip Wire challenge in Snowdonia but do I want to do Velocity or Titan?

7. Swim 100 lengths (I can currently swim 50)

8. Visit the Finland Fjords

9. Party til dawn!

10. Spend a day in a luxury spa, having a lot of treatments! 

11.  Volunteer at something new

12. Develop board/trustee role – new or old

13. Watch some live music

14. Snorkel or scuba dive

15. Spend a day on a cooking course

16. Eat out at Michelin Star restaurant

17. Go on a city break with the kids

18. Go on a city break with friends or hubby

19. Book Lapland!

20. Complete the photography course I started

21. Read/listen to 40 books

22. Do an outdoor swim

23. Re-visit The Star Inn

24. Get an article published in a paper/online magazine/not my own or a friends.

25. Run 40 miles in one week

26. Own a bicycle and start enjoying a bike ride

27. Segway

28. Get 10k time down to 55 minutes

29. Complete the 30 day plank challenge 

30. Eat breakfast whilst watching the sunrise 

31. Tea at the Ritz 

32. Write a letter to each of the kids for their 18th about being 40.

33. Visit Scotland

34. Have reflexology

35. Swim with sharks

36. Visit Cornwall (3/1/17) 

37. Drive abroad 

38. Visit Buckingham Palace 

39. Learn how to put make up on properly 

40. Have a 40th birthday party and only drink champagne! 


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  1. January 17, 2017 / 11:49 pm

    I enjoyed this since i am also turning 40 this year and have a 40before40 list. Good luck! And happy 40th year.

  2. January 19, 2017 / 10:00 am

    Great list Karen, I hope you tick it all off xx

  3. January 23, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Love this list Karen!! Although a lot of your bucket list is too energetic for me!! LOL!! Party til dawn — yep — I’m there with bells on (at festival season) and will come with you for that but running/swimming and diving? Nope — you’re on your own!! Haha! Maybe I should write a 50 by 50 list?! LOL! Only got another 6 years and two days to go to complete them!!! Heaven help me!! xx