Hearing women – the gender health gap

My mum always jokes that if men had the babies, by now there would be a zip. I had always thought that was about men’s pain thresholds. Turns out, the joke is that we actually still exist within a society where there is a major gender health gap.

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Enough with the pressure of Self-Care

Sometimes I feel like the list of things I’m not managing to do well enough goes on and on. I don’t meditate often enough. I don’t invest in face masks, do a daily gratitude practice or bullet journal. The chances of me getting on a plane to have the opportunity to put on my own oxygen mask first is looking pretty slim. I see the benefit. But, with the hype about self-care, I feel that it is either going to cost me money or be totally inauthentic.

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Is the fashion industry sustainable?

Nothing quite beats wearing fun outfits, glamorous accessories and killer shoes…so what’s not to love? Well, human rights abuses and environmental damage to name just a few. Fashion is pretty complex, and unfortunately, it has… View Post

Find Suitable Botox Clinic For Rejuvenating Your Skin

Botox clinics are in trend and people have realized the great benefits of going to a Botox clinic for improving the appearance of their skin. There are a lot of skin problems that can be… View Post

How to find your rock in Lockdown 2

In times of Covid 19 you may be experiencing overpowering emotions. This could be sudden anger, frustration or sudden ups and downs. Welcome to the world of ‘you’re out of your comfort zone’ for your… View Post