Using up Left-Over Easter Eggs – Rocky Road Recipe

My kitchen worktop currently looks like I feel. A mishmash of half-eaten chocolate treats. The smell is rather amazing, but also not helping me to recover from the excess of the weekend. And the kids are still eating chocolate for breakfast.
If, like us, you need a plan to use up your leftover chocolate eggs, why not try this rocky road recipe.

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Easy Autumn Blackberry and Apple Jam

Here is my quick and easy recipe for Blackberry and Apple Jam, not authentic, but still good. It is even better if you have managed to pick the blackberries on an autumn walk. Double points.

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Secondhand September Soup

Secondhand September has come at a good time. Usually, I would invest in a few decent new pieces for my back to school wardrobe. This year, I have consciously not. I’m a massive fan of decluttering and donating. But I never really think of buying things second hand. So, this month I’m trying it. My first, and only purchase (so far) has been a soup maker. Wish me luck!

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Easy Lentil Based Soup

Once I came up with this lentil veg soup recipe a few years ago, I stopped worrying quite so much about the amount of veg my children were eating (or were not eating!).  It is… View Post

No Wheat Oat Crumble

I can’t eat wheat so adapted a crumble recipe a few years ago so I could eat it too! This is another recipe that requires very little precision and is something that is great for… View Post