Kid Friendly | Really Really Easy Macaroons!

We’ve just made some great macaroons / biscuits. You can use a sugar substitute or proper sugar. Doesn’t need any flour and is so simple the kids can make them on their own. *Disclosure* Photo… View Post

Parsnip and Lemon Sponge Cake

I love cooking foods that celebrate the seasons and this is a delightful autumnal cake that is really easy to make and totally delicious! The cake doesn’t have a parsnip taste: it is lightly lemon… View Post

Halloween a Different Way!

Halloween has evolved over time to become a fun festival all about creating spooky decorations, dressing up and trick or treating. But in our household we like to celebrate Halloween in a different, maybe more… View Post

Eco Friendly Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods – From Coffee & Kin

As the name of the blog might suggest we are a little obsessed with coffee here at Fuelled by Latte. Nespresso is my coffee machine of choice but I’ve been conscious for a while that… View Post

Circus Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Our children love having birthday parties at home! We try to make each one special and personalised, and planned carefully in advance it can be much cheaper to do a party at home than hire… View Post