Each day, each decision – do your little bit of good where you are.

January is always a time of new hope. An opportunity for a new beginning. This year, I have purposefully not challenged myself to anything. But I have been inspired. With a quote from Desmond Tutu, “Do your little bit of good where you are.”

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Is the fashion industry sustainable?

Nothing quite beats wearing fun outfits, glamorous accessories and killer shoes…so what’s not to love? Well, human rights abuses and environmental damage to name just a few. Fashion is pretty complex, and unfortunately, it has… View Post

DIY Eco Friendly Party Bags

Party bags are one of those must-have items on a kid’s birthday party checklist. In search of a party bag alternatives I’ve come across a way to make paper party bags at home. Perfect for… View Post

Eco Friendly Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods – From Coffee & Kin

As the name of the blog might suggest we are a little obsessed with coffee here at Fuelled by Latte. Nespresso is my coffee machine of choice but I’ve been conscious for a while that… View Post

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – Tried and Tested!

This week I’ve been given the task of teaching some members of my local community how to make Eco-friendly cleaning products at an evening workshop. It’s an initiative of a local community action group and… View Post