5 Things on a Friday

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Inspired by Jess Soothill and her My 5 things on a Friday posts here are the 5 Things that I wanted to share with you that I’ve been loving this week.

1/ Timber Festival. Last weekend we went to a fantastic new festival in Derby called Timber Festival. Timber Festival is a joint venture between the National Forest Company and Wild Rumpus (the team behind Just So Festival) and the collaboration wanted to create an international festival exploring the transformative impact of forests. You can read my full review all about Timber over on Mini Travellers if you’d like to, but in short it was absolutely fabulous and I’ve been remembering bits all week!

5 Things on a Friday

2/ Tennis. I started tennis lessons last year with a friend and I’ve been playing a lot more this year too. I spent an hour at a lesson working on my serve yesterday and I was pretty pleased I have persevered as it wasn’t at all bad yesterday.

3/ Theatre. I’ve been getting to the theatre a lot more recently and this week I went with my husband to see The Play That Goes Wong at the Liverpool Empire. It was fantastic and laugh out loud funny all the way home. It’s doing a National tour so check out our review if you fancy it.

5 Things on a Friday

4/ Getting Organised. I’ve had a week where I’ve had a little bit of a chance to get ahead of some things before the 6 week Summer Holidays start next Friday and have even bought a new planner!

5/Yoga. There is yoga on the beach at the moment where I live and it’s a lovely way to end the week, followed obviously by a glass of fizz!

So that’s what I’ve been loving this week. Have a lovely weekend.


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