5 ways to Flex Your Creative Muscles

Why creativity is more important than ever for children in the times of COVID-19

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Think again.

You may just have a well of innate creativity just waiting to be discovered.

Tapping into this unexplored source can increase your happiness and improve your mental health. In fact, studies show that undertaking just one creative activity a day can lead to a more positive state of mind.

If you’re looking for ways to get those creative juices flowing, then here are five fantastic tips for you to try!

  1. People-Watch

This is an easy way kickstart your creativity, and it’s cheap! Set yourself up in a café window with a coffee and watch the world around you, or even perch in your local library.

Try to work out the stories of the people that walk by, or simply make it up as you go along – after all, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find out the truth. Take a notebook with you and if you feel up to it, start jotting down some notes to inspire your creative faculties.

  • Grow a Creative Career

Entering a creative career is a great way to keep those gears turning.

Though full-time creative careers pursuing passions like art or music can be difficult to break into, there are plenty of paths you might not associate with creativity that will allow you to flex your artistic tendencies.

For instance, digital marketing is a surprisingly versatile path for creatives, whether you’re visually inclined or an expert with the written word. For those starting out in the industry, a digital marketing degree from an expert institution such as Anglia Ruskin University will perfectly prime for the creative world of marketing.

  • Pick Up a Paint Brush

Art might not be your strong suit just yet, but putting brush to canvas is a great way to get started.

If painting isn’t for you, why not explore the adult colouring book craze? Injecting some colour into your life will help to brighten up your outlook, and is proven to boost your mental health as well as your creativity.  

  • Write Everyday

Writing every day, whether it’s fifty words, a hundred, or a thousand is a great habit to get yourself into.

It doesn’t matter if what you write is terrible – it’s all about practice. Creativity is a muscle, and one that requires daily exercise to keep it in shape and make it stronger.

  • Keep an Ideas Scrap Book

Keep a notebook with you on all times to jot down ideas; sketch and doodle; write little pieces of prose that pop into your head; or cut out and stick in anything that gives you a flicker of inspiration. This way, you’ll never lose those little pearls of wisdom and bursts of inspiration that come to you out of the blue.  

Make this ideas scrapbook your new best friend, and from time-to-time flick back through it as you never know what looking back might spark.

What do you do to boost your creativity? Share your tips and tricks for well exercised creative muscles in the comments below!

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