Being ‘Fuelled by Latte’ and what I learned from my recent hospital stay

Just to let you know this post is more of a ramble: a train of thought. It’s not the usual review or guide on how to make something. I guess it is what it is.… View Post

DIY Toilet Cleaner Fizzy Bombs

If you’ve read other blog posts I’ve written you’ll know I really, really like things that are eco-friendly! Toilet cleaner is bleach so I’m always a bit worried about having that around the house with… View Post

Printable Supermarket Shopping List

Here it is – a comprehensive, printable, editable and totally useful shopping list! It’s easy to make your own printable supermarket shopping list, but we’ve taken some of the pain away from starting from scratch… View Post

Take Some Time

I can’t settle to anything today. I just keep staring off into the distance and I catch myself simply doing nothing. I’m thinking, I’m contemplating but I’m not actually doing anything much. It’s a strange… View Post

29 Tips for Preparing to Move House

Just over a year ago, in May 2018, we had our offer accepted on the house we now live in. ‘We’ includes my husband and I, our 3 young children, 2 cats and a dog.… View Post