Coffee Experts Top Cafetiere Tips

Coffee Experts Top Cafetiere Tips

The cafetiere, or French press, is a beloved coffee brewing method adored worldwide for its
simplicity and the rich, full-bodied coffee it produces. But even with its straightforward design,
there are ways to elevate your cafetiere experience and make a truly outstanding cup.
As experts in crafting quality coffee, specialty coffee company, Howden Coffee, has shared a
few insider tricks to help you become a cafetiere connoisseur.

It’s All About the Beans

The foundation of a great cup of coffee lies in the beans themselves. Opt for freshly roasted,
whole-bean coffee for optimal flavour. This means beans sourced directly from sustainable
farms worldwide, ensuring freshness. For a cafetiere, aim for a coarse grind; about the size of
coarse sea salt – this allows for proper extraction and prevents a gritty brew.

Temperature Matters

The ideal water temperature for brewing in a cafetiere is just off the boil, around 90-96°C. Using
boiling water can scald the coffee grounds, resulting in a bitter taste. If you don’t have a
temperature-controlled kettle, let your kettle rest for about 2-3 minutes after boiling for a more
suitable temperature.

The Pre-Warm

Rinse your cafetiere with hot water before adding the grounds. This pre-warming helps maintain
a stable brewing temperature, ensuring even extraction and a more flavorful cup. Not doing this
could cause some patches of the cafetiere to not be up to temperature.

The Bloom

Once you add your coarse grounds to the warmed cafetiere, pour in just enough hot water to
cover them. You’ll notice the coffee ‘bloom’ as it releases trapped carbon dioxide. Let it bloom
for about 30 seconds before adding the remainder of your water. This step ensures the best
flavour extraction.

The Gentle Stir and Steep

After pouring in your water, stir the mixture carefully to ensure all the grounds are saturated. Let
the coffee steep for about 4 minutes. When stirring, aim to just move the coffee granules rather than creating a whirlpool effect. Also, bear in mind that longer steep times will cause a stronger,
potentially more bitter brew.

The Plunge

Now it’s time for the part everyone wants to do! Press the plunger down slowly and steadily. If
you feel resistance, slow down. We are not looking to disturb the granules here, instead aiming
to remove them from the majority of the coffee. Plunging too fast can also cause granules to
spill into the coffee.

The Howden Coffee Difference

At Howden Coffee, we’re passionate about helping people discover the joy of perfectly brewed
coffee at home. Our carefully curated selection of specialty beans, roasted with precision, opens
up a world of delicious cafetiere possibilities. Explore our range and elevate your coffee ritual.
Our final tip is to experiment! The best way to find your perfect cafetiere technique is to play
around with grind size, water temperature, and steep times. Keep notes and soon you’ll be
brewing cafetiere coffee like a true expert.


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