Enjoying the Change

Enjoying the Change

I have a vision of a day last year that I know at the time made me wonder what I was doing, and days like it are the reason I am now where I am and have changed from lawyer to blogger.

I came home from a board meeting at an organisation I volunteered for at 9pm.  I had left the house at 7.30 that morning having put a wash on, fed the three girls breakfast and hot footed it to the office for 8.
I know I took a call during that day from another voluntary organisation I support, and had been out for ten minutes at ‘lunch’ to post some birthday presents.
I left work late that day as I always seemed to, to rush to the board meeting that had started without me at 6.30pm. When I got home I found myself cooking dinner for me and the husband still in high heels, with contact lenses that smarted from the length of wear.
Did I then, collapse and sleep. No I then started answering the emails from PR’s and guest bloggers for Mini Travellers and tried to write a post about some rash vests we had been sent for our recent holiday. In between that I answered an email from a consultancy role I also did, and tried not to hate my husband for the fact that he hadn’t thought to make some tea for when I came home.
I entered into a twitter chat last night about blogging and about the hours, and I struggled to agree with some of the comments about work life balance.   For me, just at this present moment, I am still too close to remembering that day where I was trying to do it all.  I am not for one second saying people don’t work hard when they are working from home, some definitely work harder than they did before, but for me, just at the moment, I am completely enjoying the change in pace.   I just have more time to do the things I enjoy and just for now and I am going to thoroughly enjoy that.
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