How to Feel Like Wonder Woman

How to Feel Like Wonder Woman

On Monday morning I went for a run, and as I often do, I listened to a podcast of Woman’s Hour.   There was a really interesting piece by Ann Cuddy on how women should strike a pose like Wonder Woman before starting to do something they are fearful of. The idea being that you open up your body and strike a confident pose.  In the same way that if you smile you will start to feel happier; the premise is that if you strike a confident pose you will feel more confident.

I smiled a lot listening to this as I like the idea of nipping into the loo before a meeting you are worried about, to pose like Wonder Woman before starting the challenge!  Try it – I did and I liked it!

It was the icing on the cake though as after a brilliant weekend at Blognix Retreat with some of my favourite bloggers I decided I could take on the world and so I did.  I didn’t say “Yes But”  I said “Yes and I will”.  As a result my Monday was great. After I dropped the girls off I went for my 10k run, I came home wrote and scheduled three blog posts I had been putting off doing, set the slow cooker going to make tea for the girls, decided to go to Yoga as I’d been so productive, came home did the girls homework with them, and then when they were in bed schedules two more posts! Win!

My time at Blognix made me re-consider some goals for the year and how to go about them. I thought about how I should focus on the ideas that will make me happier, or make me some money, and try not to focus or lose time on the smaller things that really don’t give much back.

That doesn’t mean it is going to be all about the money, if it was, then let’s face it I wouldn’t havestopped being a lawyer but it does mean that I am going to try and have some more focused targets and I am going to start drafting the printable on how to chase up on your unpaid debts!  It’s not exactly an exciting topic but it’s one I know a lot of blogger want to know about so I am going to make it happen!

That’s all from me for now.

*Photo Credit – BBC Website


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