Last Day

Last Day

Dear Lily

I can’t believe that today is your last day in reception. Granted we are shortening the school term by a week as we head off to Greece a week early tomorrow, but how did that school term disappear so quickly.  How have you completed that first school year and are about to move into Year 1?

This year has had its challenges for you but you have met them, as you always do head on.  You ran into school on your first day without looking back and have continued to do the same every day since.  You have made some lovely friends who you talk about endlessly and you love them, bicker with them, hug them, revere them and generally be friends with them in a way only a 5 year old can be.

You have such strength of character and I have been so proud to see that on display in so many ways this year.  You were a narrator in the school play this year and though you had some sleepless nights whilst you worried about whether you had learnt your lines well enough, you of course had, and managed to learn everyone elses too.  For me you were the star of the school nativity (although I am well aware everyone thinks that about their own child!).

You’ve learnt to read and love it so much.  I love that you seem to have inherited your parents love of books and can’t read enough of them already.  Your have also inherited our love of numbers and to see your school report refer to you as a natural mathematician is of no surprise. You can spend hours on the mathletics program on the computer only stopping when you have successfully got 10/10.

All your characteristics that I thought might make life a bit more difficult for you when I wrote about your First Day, have indeed made the playground more challenging. You want everyone to play your game and have struggled at times to deal with any challenge to that, but you have got better at this, and now when I collect you after school, your eyes are not filled with tears as you tell me about your day.  I know this area will continue to be a challenge to you in year one, but I know you have grown and dealt with this, and after all that’s what the Reception Year is for.

I’m most proud of the line in your report that says ‘always approaches activities with a huge smile, great enthusiasm and a super attitude’ who could ask for more!

You have made us proud by being a girl who can, and who hasn’t yet stopped thinking everything is possible!

Love Mummy



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  1. July 15, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    Ahh Karen this is beautiful 🙂 What a superb little girl she is and such a darling. Hope she has a fab holiday (and you all) and great 6 weeks off!!! Enjoy!! xx

  2. July 16, 2016 / 10:11 am

    Stunning!! I love this letter/ post to your beautiful Lily. Your words are perfect and describe your pride and feelings in such a lovely way. Our Lili’s report was equally good although she faces different challenges – there’s always something isn’t there?! xxx