Mulling over a home makeover? Consider These Five Tips

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As we tiptoe tentatively towards Christmas, it’s that time of year when we reminisce on the past in order to move ourselves forward whatever opportunities the coming year might offer. And if those amount to simply ensuring you and your family are healthy and happy, it’s more than enough.

One way you might create the right conditions for fulfilment is by switching things up in your home – the time and money you invest in improvements could pay off handsomely in terms of boosting your physical and spiritual energy.

So if you’re mulling over a home makeover, take a look at these five tips for inspiration.

  1. Orangery

An orangery serves the same purpose as a conservatory but its traditional design blends more seamlessly with an older property. These were originally ornate, lean-to greenhouses attached to properties around the Georgian/Victorian era and examples of original designs can still be spotted in areas like Edinburgh’s New Town. If you like the sound of an orangery, Mozolowski & Murray is worth checking out.

  • Sensory deprivation tank

Do you struggle switching off from your busy lifestyle? Sensory deprivation and floating is a terrific, combined therapy which you might have already tried at your local spa – it reduces stress and anxiety, rehabilitates muscles and reduces pain, amongst many other benefits. And now you can buy your own home inflatable sensory deprivation tank to unwind anytime you want – look for specialists like Zen Float Co online for more info.

  • Bespoke furniture

Fancy some new living room furniture but the off the peg suites you’re seeing online just don’t float your aesthetic boat? Yup, we’ve all been there. However, if you consider some customized furniture, you’ll get a unique and special set that totally transforms the vibe. Design gurus SM London have some lovely bespoke sofas and chairs which add that je ne sais quoi to any home – take a look for yourself.

  • Hot tub

Always fancied a hot tub but never quite plucked up the courage to take the plunge? They’re getting more affordable and sitting in your own cuddle puddle at the end of a hard day with a glass of something sparkly is really cathartic. To find out more, take a look at The Range or The Hot Tub Superstore to find a model that fits your taste and budget.

  • New kitchen

For many families the kitchen, rather than the living room, is the heart of the home. It’s where triumphs and disappointments are shared over hot cuppas (or something stronger) and where you might still sit around the table to discuss your days over the evening meal. You’ll probably have a kitchen showroom near you, but for something a bit special, take a look at what a real artisan like Grae Designs Inc can do.

So there you have them – five tips that can fuel your home makeover for 2022 and beyond. Enjoy!

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