Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

We were invited to try out a Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt created by Wonder Adventures and available at www.treasurehuntadventurepacks.com .

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

My 6 year old is absolutely dinosaur mad so I jumped at the chance to do the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt with him and we called up some friends to join us. We decided as the weather is so good at the moment to try out the hunt in the local park.

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

Organising the hunt couldn’t be easier. Prior to the day of the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt, I downloaded and read the instructions and made sure I knew what to expect. I printed and sorted the colour answer cards and bones pieces into plastic wallets. If you can laminate these too they will last much longer. There are also optional colour certificates to download so I printed these off too and wrote the children’s names on them. As we don’t have a printer at home, I did this at the local library and it was really simple to do.

Dinosaur Treasure Hunt by Wonder Adventures

On the day of the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt we headed on down to the local park and my friend entertained the kids in the play area whilst I sneeked off to the adjoining field and hid the answer cards in bushes and trees, part buried one and hid another behind a fence post. We were all set up!

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

To do the actual Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt outdoors you will need to ensure you have a device capable of playing the videos. We used a smart phone which was fine for our little group of 5 children aged 2-8 years old.

If you had more children you would probably need a tablet, laptop or iPad. For really big groups you would need a smart TV or an interactive whiteboard and consider whether it might be best to watch the videos inside instead of outdoors.

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

There are 10 videos in total: introduction, 7 clues, bones puzzle and congratulations.

Each video gives the children a clue to the identity of an object or dinosaur they are looking for. Many of the videos also have a little activity such as a dinosaur rap for the children to interact with. Playing the videos will use up some of your mobile data if you are not on Wi-Fi, so check you have plenty of data so you don’t run out halfway through the hunt!

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

After the children watch each clue video they race off to locate the right answer and pick up the piece of the dinosaur puzzle that is hidden with it. These are put together for the final challenge at the end. We found that our children located most of the answer cards whilst solving the first clue, however they understood that they weren’t allowed to pick it up yet and left it until the correct clue came up.

The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt certainly attracted the attention of other groups of children in the park and fortunately none of them interrupted it. We had some inquiries from other parents about what our kids were doing and they were really impressed with the idea of a treasure hunt to keep the kids entertained.

Dinosaur Treasure Hunt by Wonder Adventures

Overall, the hunt was great fun and took around 45 minutes to do, which was perfect for our ages of children. If you are doing an Easter treasure hunt, why not make it a Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt? You can hide a little prize such as a chocolate egg along with each answer card.

The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt would also be ideal for a children’s party game, a Beavers or Rainbows activity, or as a KS1 activity as part of a dinosaurs topic. In fact my friend and I are going to try it out with the local Beavers group that she runs, so check back in a few weeks for an update!


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The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

AD / We were lucky enough to be invited to review the Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt, but all views and opinions are our own.


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