Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

It’s been beautiful weather the past few days and the effect on the garden has been dramatic: everything has suddenly sprung into life!

I was warned as I started the Home Vegetable Garden Project that I was starting too early, but I was excited to get on with it. I feel it has given me a bit of practice for what I need to do now to get the best out of my crops as we move into the warmer weather.

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

The peas have germinated quickly in the last two weeks and are growing well. The tomato plants have stalled and not grown very much at all the past few weeks. The same has happened with the onions, leeks and broccoli. It has definitely been too cold for them but they are hanging on in there so maybe they will be ok.

I’ve germinated another batch of tomato seeds using toilet roll tubs this time instead of egg boxes, and that works really well too – they have almost caught up with the first batch in terms of size!

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

We have finally finished dividing the flower bed into tiers to plant veggies in. It has been hard work digging it up as the soil was so compact and we still need to put a thick layer of compost on top. I am looking forward to being able to put things in it.

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

The biggest grower in the past few weeks has been the onion bulbs that we planted instead of potatoes. However, a couple of weeks ago I found some potato tubers in Lidl for a bargain (99p for a bag which has approx 8 tubers in it) and I’ve planted those in a couple of deep pots. Hopefully we will have home grown potatoes after all.

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

Our herb garden is looking healthy now with Lavender and Marjoram recently added. I get most of my herb plants from National Trust shops and they always seem to do well. I’m on the look out for some homemade insecticide/repellent as the Basil is struggling yet again. Every time I grow it, it gets savaged by something! If you have any recipes, I’d love to hear them.

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

I’ve fallen in love with the delicate blossom of the cherry tree. Ours is still a very young tree given to us by the children’s childminder 12 months ago. Last summer we got 3 cherries on it but it looks like this year, with some luck, we will get more.

Home Vegetable Garden Project Update 3

Two other big successes so far have been the strawberry and raspberry plants. Both came from my parents house and have produced excellent fruit in previous years. The strawberry plants are in pots and are growing strong and tall. The raspberry plants were cut back to just 8 inches tall. I put them in pots with compost initially to get going and last week put them in the border. They are also showing signs of life.

Home Vegetable Garden Update 3 Home Vegetable Garden Update 3

Growing things in the garden has been cathartic for me and the children are really interested in it now they can see things starting to grow. I can usually get one of them to water it each day saving me time which is great. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this Home Vegetable Garden Update 3 and I hope to be able to share much more in a few weeks or so.


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  1. barjerow
    April 19, 2019 / 6:18 pm

    I bet you’re looking forward to eating your own homegrown fruit and veg.

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