Easter Pom Pom Wreath

Easter Pom Pom Wreath

I was inspired to create this Easter Pom Pom Wreath after seeing one in the window of the local knitting shop here in North Yorkshire. It was so eye-catching, stood proudly on display, and it looked so tactile that I just wanted to reach out and ruffle the pom poms! I knew I’d have to have one for my own house but sadly this one wasn’t for sale, so I set about making my own.

With Easter approaching I thought I would create a pom pom wreath with pastel colours for Spring. As the shape of a wreath is circular it reminded me of a bird’s nest so I added some glitter covered polystyrene eggs nestled in between the pom poms.

This Easter Pom Pom Wreath took me 2 days to create so it was a nice length of time for a project and I am really pleased with how it turned out. It’s even sturdy enough to hand on the front door (it is sheltered by a porch so it’s not going to get wet!).

Why not create your own Easter Pom Pom Wreath for your house or perhaps to give as a gift instead of chocolate this Easter?


Here’s my step by step guide to creating an Easter Pom Pom Wreath.



Wool  in a range of colours. Double knit worked best for me but you can use a variety of thicknesses for extra texture.

Pom Pom makers

Wire wreath

Florists wire

Decorated polystyrene eggs

50 cm length of ribbon (2 cm wide)

Glue gun


Easter Pom Pom Wreath



  1. Make lots and lots of pom poms in different colours and sizes – it took 33 to make this wreath! If you don’t have any pom pom makers you can use circles of card but this will be more time consuming, which is why I’d recommend investing in a set of pom pom makers. When you tie a piece of wool around the middle of the pom pom to hold the threads together, leave the ends of these pieces long for now. Remember to trim your pom poms to ensure they are an even shape.


Easter Pom Pom Wreath


2. Tie the pom poms around the wire wreath by using the lengths of wool knotted around the middle of each pom pom. Pack the pom poms tightly together so there are no gaps. Keep going until the whole wreath is covered then trim off the excess bits of wool.


Easter Pom Pom Wreath


3. Decide where you want to position the glitter polystyrene eggs then push florists wire through the eggs and tie them securely on to the wire wreath. Make sure your eggs can be seen above the pom poms!


Easter Pom Pom Wreath

Easter Pom Pom Wreath


4. Try picking your Easter Pom Pom Wreath up. If any pom poms move out of position, use a blob of glue to hold them in place. Try to use glue sparingly though as it is really difficult to remove from the wool!


Easter Pom Pom Wreath


5. Finally, tie some ribbon on to your wreath so it can be hung up.


Easter Pom Pom Wreath


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Easter Pom Pom Wreath


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