20 Fabulous Layer Cakes That Are Perfect For Spring

I love Spring time for many reasons: the increasing length of the days, seeing the new lambs in the fields, the growth of new flowers and the start of the camping season! With Easter weekend and 2 other Bank Holidays to come I think it’s the perfect excuse to create a yummy Spring time inspired layer cake to share with family and friends.

Here’s a round up of some of my favourite recipes and designs for this season.

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring


Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake by Life Love and Sugar20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect for Spring

This eye catching Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake has moist, light layers of lemon cake, lemon curd filling and a raspberry frosting. It’s decorated with buttercream, lemon slices and a few blossom flowers.


Best Vanilla Cake With Macarons And Meringues by A Side Of Sweet20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This classic looking pale green cake is decorated with french macaroons, meringues, and gold leaf. It’s perfect for a Spring time wedding cake.


Buttercream Flower Cake by Beyond Frosting20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This fabulous and fun buttercream flower cake is actually much simper to make than you would think. This design is perfect for birthday cakes, Easter cakes, Spring cakes and more!


Blackberry Cake by Natasha’s Kitchen20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This Blackberry cake is soft and moist and has a fluffy lemon blackberry buttercream frosting. The lemon juice cuts the sweetness and brightens up the whole cake. You’ll enjoy every bite as it hits your taste buds; sweet, tart and tangy.


Lemon Layer Mascarpone Cake by The Little Epicurean20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

Continuing with the citrus love, this lemon layer cake is filled with lemon curd and lightly frosted with mascarpone buttercream. It’s the perfect cake to welcome the the start of Spring.


Spring Checkerboard Cake by Baking Dom

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This elegant cake makes the most of a simple, swirly coating of frosting to show off a lovely  ribbon of spring green sanding sugar around the base of the cake and a sweet nest filled for the candy eggs to top it off. The writer didn’t stop at decorating the outside of the cake, though! The inside of this happy cake is all dolled up in its Easter best, too.


Cotton Candy Cake by Liv For Cake20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This cotton candy cake has pretty marbled layers of light and fluffy cake paired with a cotton candy buttercream! The  watercolour effect frosting is stunning and would look great as a birthday cake too.


Chocolate Layer Cake With Toasted Marshmallow Filling by Brown Eyed Baker20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

With six layers of rich chocolate cake, a toasted marshmallow filling and a malted chocolate frosting, this cake is an absolute dream for choc-a-holics!


Birthday Layer Cake by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This is delicious gluten-free layer cake uses a combination of almond and coconut flour to make it so moist and tender. While you do have to cream the butter and sweetener together, this is a relatively fool proof recipe as there is no concern about the cake being tough from over-beating the batter like there is with a gluten flour containing cake.


Neapolitan Cake by I Heart Naptime20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

A classic ice cream flavor turned into a delicious cake! This Neapolitan Cake has layers of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry buttercream frosting. The coloured sprinkles and Hershey’s Kisses on top turns an ordinary chocolate cake into something extraordinary!


Plum And Lime Layer Cake by My Little Larder

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

It’s pretty, it’s pale pink, it’s sweet from the roasted plums, it’s tangy from the lime, it’s fluffy from the buttermilk, it’s got beautiful delicate frosting and it looks like it’s made for a princess (albeit a bit of a hipster princess with the semi-naked icing look, but a princess nonetheless).


Roasted Strawberry Layer Cake by The Road To Honey

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This moist, from scratch vanilla mint strawberry layer cake is topped with a fresh roasted strawberry filling & a homemade strawberry swiss buttercream made with freeze dried strawberries.  Each layer is infused with mint for a fresh taste and the frosting is piped to resemble a hydrangea design.


Frosted Funfetti Layer Cake by Love And Olive Oil

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

Underneath all the colour this is a basic yellow cake base, with a tender, buttery crumb and fragrant vanilla flavor. However, the vibrant frosting and sprinkles transform this cake into a kaleidoscope of color, like a miniature paintball gun took aim at the batter, giving it a striking look, which is anything but ordinary!


Chocolate Layer Cake by This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

Two rich yet moist chocolate cake layers frosted with an addictive chocolate frosting mean that if you are a chocolate lover (like me), then this is the ultimate layer cake recipe for you!


Almond Joy Layer Cake by Tastes Of Lizzy T

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

Turn a much-loved candy bar into a cake! This Almond Joy Layer Cake starts with a boxed cake mix, but has homemade coconut buttercream and a silky chocolate ganache to make it a divine dessert.


Coconut Cake With Raspberry Jam Filling by Studio Baked

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This triple threat coconut cake contains shredded coconut, coconut milk, and coconut extract to give it huge flavour. Raspberry jam in between the layers balance out the sweet coconut and give it a little tartness. The cake is elegantly finished with a cream cheese frosting and easy to make Swiss meringue buttercream flowers.


Ginger Grapefruit Layer Cake by The Little Epicurean

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This bright and tasty ginger grapefruit layer cake is filled with orange marmalade and frosted with Swiss buttercream.


Moist Vanilla Layer Cake by Life Love and Sugar

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

I love the eye-catching colours of the decoration on this moist, super soft and delicious vanilla cake. The relatively straight forward ingredients and method are easy to follow and the recipe is also perfect for making cupcakes.


Luscious Lemon Mousse Cake by Baking Sense

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

Luscious lemon mousse cake might be the perfect layer cake. Lemon cake with Limoncello syrup, zesty lemon curd and creamy lemon mousse. (Limoncello liquor is optional).


Carrot Cake by Live For Cake

20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

This classic carrot cake recipe is one you’ll want to add to your collection! A moist and delicious cake paired with a not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting.



20 Fabulous Layer Cakes Perfect For Spring

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20 Fabulous Layer cakes Perfect For Spring

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    Which to choose would be my first question, followed quickly by will my daughter-in-law make me one of these?

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      I’m sure I can, but we’d have to pick which design out of a hat as we are spoilt for choice with these ideas!

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