Easy Lego Birthday Party and Cake

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

My boys are both hugely into Lego and have been for years. When my eldest was 6 he had a Lego themed birthday party and it was surprisingly easy to organise. If your child is into Lego check out this post to find out how to create an Easy Lego Birthday Party and Cake.

Party Games for Easy Lego Birthday Party and Cake

We held the party at home and as well as the usual party games such as pass-the-parcel and musical statues we found a great printable Lego bingo game online to play. However, the best game was a Lego piece treasure hunt where we hid red and white Lego bricks around the downstairs and divided the children into two teams – red and white – and they had to find and  stack as many of their colour pieces as they could to build the tallest tower and win a prize. It was chaotic but great fun!

As we had some quieter children in attendance too, including my own younger ones, we set up a chill out Lego play area complete with bean bags to sit on and all the Lego and Duplo we could get our hands on. We also put some colouring sheets and a selection of felt tips and crayons at a little colouring station.

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

Decorations and Party Bags for Easy Lego Birthday Party and Cake

Decorating the room and finding tableware was easy as plain bold colours and white were easy to find in all the supermarkets. We printed Lego pictures to decorate the room and drew faces on yellow balloons to create Lego head decorations. The party bags were plain yellow paper bags and I drew Lego faces on them. They made a great impression and were really low cost!

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

Easy Lego Birthday Cake

My favourite part of planning this Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake was making the cake

Step 1: Bake rectangular layers to stack and create a cuboid shape.

Step 2: Stick Lego bricks on to one corner.

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

Step 3: Cover in white icing and tear back one corner revealing the Lego bricks underneath.

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

Step 4: Decorate the cake with real Lego bricks and people. Wash the bricks and figures in hot soapy water and allow to dry fully. With the figures stood on the cake fill one leg with some icing, push in a cocktail stick up the leg and allow it to dry hard before pushing them into the cake. For the figures on the board, pipe a blob of icing on the board and stand them in it and allow to harden. This should ensure they don’t fall off. I then wedged a candle in some Lego cup pieces and attached these to the hands of six of the characters. Make sure they are a secure fit though as it would be a disaster if the candles fell off the cake! As a final touch I rolled some tiny icing balls and squashed them flat and added them to the top of the iced, coloured Lego pieces to make them look like bricks.

Easy Lego Themed Birthday Party and Cake

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Easy Lego Birthday Party and Cake



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