Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!

Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!



When travelling with kids and you book your own stay in an apartment or a house it is great to have your own car.

Here are a few tips to think of before you rent a car:

  • Try and book the car in advance online, before you arrive at your destination. This will give you the best price and conditions. Then you can easily compare prices and find the car that fits your needs.
  • Read up on the countries traffic rules and what insurances there is available. Be aware that the people that works at the desk always tries to offer you extra insurances.
  • If you travel as a family you can either bring a child car seat or rent one when you book your rental car.
  • To compare rental cars online and find more useful tips on what to think of when renting a car, visit carhiretips.co.uk

Family vacation in Crete

In our family we have the last couple of years during winter time rented a house abroad. To be able to eat breakfast at our own pace, maybe cook lunch and then go on a day trip with prepared sandwiches or find a local restaurant is something we love to doing as a family.

Our latest trip went to Crete, Greece and the weather there is excellent if you are looking for a winter-getaway. Crete is only a few hours away by flight and you land in either Heraklion or Chania. Crete is very popular as a family destination. We found a house west of Chania just at the beach so the kids could play whenever they felt like.

Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!

View from the house

Daily excursions around Chania

We went into Chania one day, but I must say it was very crowded with a lot of traffic, many tourists and with two small kids we did not appreciate this at all. Instead I want to tell you about two beautiful day trips you can do from Chania!

Drive to the village of Therisso, 20 minutes into the country and pass by Therisso Gorge, a beautiful ravine easily accessible by car. Here you will meet the unique Kri-kri goats when driving through the gorge. Order a lunch with local specialities in Therisso village and let the children play on the playground nearby. A great day trip for the whole family!

Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!

The kids found a playground in the small Village

Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!

Our kids loved to watch the Kri-kri goats.

Another day we went to the Botanical gardens of Crete, 30 minutes-drive into the country from the coast. Here you find herbs, fruit trees and other plants form all over the world, the climate is paradise for the plants. The tour took an hour but our 4-year old absolutely loved it. We stopped for a short lunch break and on the way home we visited Manousakis Winery. Our first evening in Crete we tasted their wine and decided we had to go there. We bought a few bottles to bring home and then it was time to go back to relax.

Why a rental car is great during family holiday abroad!

The Botanical garden of Crete

Why we loved having a rental car during our vacation

It is very convenient since you can stop or turn wherever you feel like. The rental car gives you flexibility and freedom. For us as a family with small children, you never know if a nappy change is coming up or something else acute that needs to be taken care of.

By picking up the car at the airport you save a lot of time both when arriving and departing. Almost all airports have rental car desks in the terminal.

You see places you wouldn’t been able to see otherwise. You can get away from the typical tourist areas and explore the destination on your own.

Instead of waiting for unpredictable trains or buses you can explore so much more during your stay!




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