How to make a Homemade Dog’s Tug Toy

Dog's Tug Toy

There are so many positive things about engaging in games of tug with your pet dog and this homemade, sturdy, knotted rope makes the perfect homemade dog’s tug toy.

A game of tug is an easy and fun way to bond with your pooch. It is also fantastic exercise for them so it is important in helping to maintain good physical and mental health.

What is more, through play, you can train your dog to develop more self control and teach them to respond to you even, when they are all hyped up and excited.

A quick play with a tug toy is a fun reward for a dog making this the perfect accompaniment when you are training them to develop other behaviours.

I love this simple way of making this homemade dog’s tug toy that uses fleece material which is widely available at haberdashers for a low price. I found cuts of ‘scarf’ fleece at my local haberdashers which are about 1/4 metre wide and only cost £1.50 each. I bought two colours and there’s enough to make 2 tug toys. Because this homemade dog’s tug toy is made of fleece it is comfortable in your hand making it easier to hold. They are also quite long meaning there is plenty of rope for your dog to grab at whilst they are learning to play.

Material needed for you homemade dog’s tug toy:

4 strips of fleece material each 2 inches wide and 80 inches long (2m). You could choose 1, 2 or 4 different colours. For this dog’s tug toy I used two colours: red and purple.


  1. Collect your 4 strips of material and tie an overhand knot tightly at one end.

Dog's Tug Toy

Dog's Tug Toy

2. Spread out the 4 strands of fleece. If you have used 2 colours like me, keep the like colours opposite each other.

Dog's Tug Toy

3. Knot your rope as shown in the series of pictures below, pulling each knot really tight each time.

i) Take the top strand and fold it down to the left.

Dog's Tug Toy

ii) Take the bottom strand and fold it up to the right.

Dog's Tug Toy

iii) Take the left strand and fold it over the top strand and through the loop created by the bottom strand.

Dog's Tug Toy

iv) Take the right strand and fold it over the bottom strand and through the loop created by the top strand.

Dog's Tug Toy

v) Pull all the strands of the knot tight and they make this square pattern.

Dog's Tug Toy

4. When you are a few inches off the bottom of your strands, tie off with a second overhand knot. Trim the ends so they are the same length. Again, make sure you pull this knot as tight as you can.

Dog's Tug Toy

Your homemade dog’s tug toy is now complete!


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How to make a dog’s tug toy


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