Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

Face painting is one of my favourite play activities to do with my kids. I think my passion for it stems from jobs I’ve had in the past such as being a children’s courier and a play leader, and more recently helping at PTA events on the face painting stall.

For me, face painting is an easy option for a rainy day activity, a sunny afternoon in the garden, a quick-fix World Book Day character, or a fancy dress costume. In my opinion it is also an essential at a family festival! I enjoy seeing the kids’ proud faces as they show off their designs to others, and chuckle at how they role play the character they have chosen. And best of all, at the end of the day it washes off in the bath!

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

However, funnily enough, many of my friends don’t share my enthusiasm. Common responses to the suggestion of face painting are, “I’m useless at face painting,” “It’s really messy,” and “The face paints I’ve got are rubbish, the good ones are just too expensive.”

This is where those clever folks at Little Brian have come up with the perfect solution – Face Paint Sticks!

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks are exactly what they sound like they are; a face paint in a tube that looks like a marker pen. They are so easy to use; it’s like drawing on your child’s face!
Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review
We found that the coverage of the face in a single colour was excellent. The white (above) is a little harder to do as a block colour, but all the other colours are really bold and thick – just look at our tiger!
Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review
It is so much easier to paint faces if you are using tools you are familiar with. With the Little Brian Paint Sticks being shaped like markers, they are easy to manipulate. The face paint sticks twist up and down just like a glue stick.
Little Brian Face Paint dries almost instantly so you don’t get that horrible situation where it drips into a child’s eyes or they flinch and suddenly the whole design is ruined! I went wrong a few times and just used a damp face cloth to remove the bit it didn’t mean to do and then painted over it, simple!
It is also helpful that within the pack is a guide with 12 easy face paint designs. Once you get confident with these though you’ll be Googling more challenging designs to do!
Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review
If you want to create designs with a bit more detail like I did with my three, I would suggest applying elements of the face paint design with a make up brush (eye liner brush is perfect) and a dab of water on the paint stick. It still dries super fast and you can use this trick outline your designs and add thin lines such as whiskers and eyelashes easily.
My children also loved that when the Little Brian Face Paints dried they didn’t feel tight or crusty on their skin. If they accidentally touched their faces or went to put a jumper on, the face paint stayed put and didn’t get all over their clothes. Amazing!
Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review
Little Brian Face Paint Sticks can be ordered off Amazon for the excellent price of £9.99 plus free delivery. I say this is excellent as buying 12 colours of any other reputable face paint will cost much more than this. The paint sticks do also seem to last a good amount of time. I’ve painted my kids a few times and the paint sticks hardly look used.
So in response to my friends’ protests about being useless at face painting, I would say get yourself a set of Little Brian Face Paint Sticks and give it a go – they’ll totally change your perceptions!

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Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review
AD #Gifted We were lucky enough to be given a pack of Little Brian Face Paint Sticks in return for this review. However, all views and opinions are our own.



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