Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

When it comes to trinkets and collectibles for children it seems to me that there are millions of things out there on the market and some are definitely better than others. I can’t help but find myself getting irked somehow by the throw-away nature of these collectibles, especially when they aren’t cheap to buy in the first place.

I’ll be honest, when these Wowee Lucky Fortunes arrived I did think there was too much plastic packaging and at £4.99 each they cost a bit more than your average 6 years old’s pocket money. However, the children were genuinely thrilled to receive them and after opening them up, seeing the children try them on and play with them, I began to see their appeal too.

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

Wowee Lucky Fortune Packaging

Inside the clear plastic wrapping you will find a plastic fortune cookie. It opens on a hinge to reveal a cute little bracelet inside. There are 100 different bracelet designs in the collection so the chances are if you buy a few, they will be different to each other.

We received four Wowee Lucky Fortunes and revealed bracelets with ice cream, pink lips, red lips and cloud charms in ours. Each charm is part of a group of lucky charms that represent either Love, Adventure, Friendship, Success or Happiness. There is also a single ‘Ultra Lucky’ charm that is a gold four leaf clover.

I’ve got to say I really liked the little bracelets. They are well made, visually appealing and the sliding tie mechanism means there are no fiddly knots for children to tie. That’s got to be a bonus when it needs to come off before the swimming lesson!

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

Ice cream charm means ‘happiness’. The pink lips charm means ‘love’.

Also within the plastic cookie is a ‘fortune’ written on a piece of paper. In reality it is a rather cryptic motivational quote and a set of lottery numbers…which I thought was a bit pointless when children can’t play the lottery! That said, if your child has ever had a real fortune cookie they will know these little paper messages are inside and will expect to see one.

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

The cloud charm means ‘success’.

The final part of the Wowee Lucky Fortune is an information sheet. The information sheet is double sided and by folding the dashed lines you can create a fortune teller. I liked the idea of this being an extra little thing that could be constructed to make the present last a bit longer. I know children love playing with these paper fortune tellers – as a primary school teacher I have seen children make and play with these year upon year. However, the messages contained within were only one word long – not like the fortune tellers I have experienced before! You will need to tell your child that on their last choice of number they need to ask the fortune teller a question and then the answer to their question will be revealed under the flap.

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review

Whilst it may seem that I wasn’t overly impressed with aspects of the Wowee Lucky Fortunes, this isn’t about me! My daughter absolutely loved them, as did her friend. They are admittedly super cute and I wouldn’t be opposed to buying them for her as I can see that they are well made and will last.

In my opinion Wowee Lucky Fortunes would make excellent party favours instead of party bags (and probably work out not that much more expensive). I can see me opting for these come her next birthday.

Wowee Lucky Fortunes Review


AD #Gifted We were lucky enough to be given some Wowee Lucky Fortunes in return for this review. All views and opinions are our own.


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