Making Healthy Changes in Lockdown 2

Making Healthy Changes in Lockdown 2

Lockdown 2 here we go again but this time you’re ready; the food shop is done; lists of films in order and a promise to yourself that this time you will get round to exercising every day.

Lockdown 2 arriving in winter is going to be very different. The sun, longer days and the adrenalin of not knowing what was going on guided us all through lockdown 1. So, what preparation can you do this time?

RETHINK your day for a start. If you’re a manager or you manage your own time, making space in the middle of the day to get out side, catch the light, or have time for you is going to be so important. A friend who manages people all over the world from home told me she had told all her staff to make time in the middle of the day and just rethink their schedule, especially if they live on their own. If you can go for a long walk in the middle of the day rather than in the dark on your own. ‘I will support you’ she said. I found this inspirational and got me thinking, how can I reschedule my day? For a start not feeling guilty for taking a lunch break, wanting to go for a walk as this could be the most important part of your day to just take time out. We rush so much in busy lives and the fast pace of life but with so much uncertainty making space for you can seem selfish. Its 2020 and this pandemic has never happened before so needing a little time and giving yourself a break doesn’t sound that unreasonable.

RETHINK your day. What steps or changes can you make in your day or how can you help others. If you’re a manager is there something you can do to help others in lockdown 2 even if it’s the return of cake Friday but on zoom instead of the office. Can you manage to catch the autumn sun and take a photo to share with friends. You may have found some fantastic humour quotes or images to share with friends as making more time for connections with other people is in your control.

RETHINK thinking sounds like a challenge but when our minds are on overdrive telling us what we should be doing we forget to look after ourselves. Even now I’m typing away and I see a robin perched on a tree, the light has just fallen on him and normally I would rush and look away but I’m going to give my self a break and see this as a special moment rather than a distraction. It sounds easy to try new things, reschedule but the hardest part is not feeling guilty, or missing out on important tasks to do. Thinking kindly of oneself and giving permission to be you.

Guest post from Katy Banner at Just Be Human

Guest Post
Guest Post

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