Ten Top Tips for Getting Paid on Time

Ten Top Tips for Getting Paid on Time www.minitravellers.co.uk

Whilst you would think everyone would prioritise getting paid, often relationships with customers or clients, the next job, being busy, and keeping people happy often gets in the way of actually invoicing for work done and chasing up payments. So here are Ten Top Tips for Getting Paid on Time.

1. Know who your contract is with.

This might seem like an obvious point but in the days of agreements by email and less formal contracts it is important to know who your agreement is actually with. Is it with the person arranging the deal or are they arranging it on behalf of someone else. Confirm this in writing.

2. Clarify the address of the person or company you are contracting with.

If this is a registered company then you will be able to find this online at Companies House, but if the company is a small business, or an individual and not registered then you will need an address if you (or we) have to chase payment more formally.  Beware of contracting with people outside of the UK as it is harder to chase payment and for small sums, not always cost effective.

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