40 Before 40 – Update in May

#40before40 July Update

So in January I made a list of my 40 before 40! I’m now 4 months into that list and I thought I’d do an update as to how I was getting on!


So in no particular order the things that make my bucket list this year my #40Before40 are:

1. Take on a Charity challenge preferably abroad – We have booked and are going to Rwanda at the end of this month, we will be working in schools and on a Rugby project!

2. Walk 40k – nowhere even close

3. Camp at a Family Friendly Festival with the kids. – Booked for 22/23rd July!

4. Stay in a Campervan – Ticked off at Easter you can read my Top Tips here!

5. Run a half marathon again. – Booked for 2nd July, my training runs are up to 12 miles.

6. Zip Wire challenge in Snowdonia but do I want to do Velocity or Titan? – Not got a date for this yet.

7. Swim 100 lengths (I can currently swim 50) – I got up to 70 lengths but haven’t swum for a few weeks now.

8. Visit the Finland Fjords – no trip booked

9. Party til dawn! – not yet!

10. Spend a day in a luxury spa, having a lot of treatments! – not yet!

11.  Volunteer at something new – Nothing in the pipeline

12. Develop board/trustee role – new or old – In the pipeline

13. Watch some live music – Tickets to see Elbow on 30th June

14. Snorkel or scuba dive – maybe when we go to Greece in June

15. Spend a day on a cooking course – hopefully for my birthday

16. Eat out at Michelin Star restaurant – maybe for my actual birthday

17. Go on a city break with the kids- We did Lisbon in February and it was fab.

18. Go on a city break with friends or hubby – Oman/Muscat booked for November.

19. Book Lapland! – Booked!!

20. Complete the photography course I started – oops not yet

21. Read/listen to 40 books – On my way with around 20

22. Do an outdoor swim – mmm not yet

23. Re-visit The Star Inn – must arrange

24. Get an article published in a paper/online magazine/not my own or a friends. – Hopefully in June

25. Run 40 miles in one week – not a chance yet

26. Own a bicycle and start enjoying a bike ride – nearly

27. Segway – Forgot about this one

28. Get 10k time down to 55 minutes – Done

29. Complete the 30 day plank challenge – not started

30. Eat breakfast whilst watching the sunrise  – Not yet

31. Tea at the Ritz – Need to book this

32. Write a letter to each of the kids for their 18th about being 40. – Started

33. Visit Scotland – Maybe in August

34. Have reflexology – not yet

35. Swim with sharks – Nope!

36. Visit Cornwall (3/1/17)  Yes and we had a lovey time

37. Drive abroad – In France in August I think

38. Visit Buckingham Palace – need to look at dates for this

39. Learn how to put make up on properly – still no

40. Have a 40th birthday party and only drink champagne! – I will definitely achieve this one


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