TomTom Adventurer for Triathlons and Hiking and Much More

TomTom Adventurer Review

A Review of the Tom Tom Adventurer RRP £269

Next year’s challenge is to take part in a triathlon.  I like to run, I have recently done quite a lot of spinning and I was a swimmer as a child.  It seems like the perfect combination doesn’t it.  I mean what could go wrong….

I mean what could go wrong apart from not really competitively swimming since I was 14, hating riding an actual bike outside due to traffic and a leg injury in early September that has meant my running has been a little lax since then…. easy…  though that’s what New Years resolutions are for  isn’t it!

What does always help me get motivated for these things is also a new piece of kit!  I have recently been sent the TomTom Adventurer to try out and it seems like the perfect triathlon watch.  It has multiple sports modes including run, swim and cycle and is easy to change between them. I have tried this out so far with a change from running to a spin class, and then getting on the bike and it adapts well. It also has modes for Skiing, Trail Running, Hiking and Snowboarding using barometric altimeter data.

After charging it up, setting the date, time and weight all very easily with the direction button the watch screen tells you to connect it to a computer and go to where you download the TOMTOM MySPorts Connect. I already had this installed on my computer so I just added this watch.  All very easy indeed.

TomTom Adventurer Review

Does it make a difference what active wear you wear?

To be honest I’m a little unsure about the ‘orange’ colour, I think the black version would be a little less obvious but I think that depends on what you want it for.  It also feels a little big on my wrists, it definitely suits my husbands wrist better.  Although it’s not exactly something you need to wear all the time, and you aren’t wearing it as a fashion accessory.  You could wear it all the time if you wanted to know how many steps you are doing, but I think the reality is that if you are buying this watch you are buying it because you are undertaking a little more exercise than just walking 10,000 steps a day.  It’s not really a fit bit watch, it is more than that.  You are buying this watch to track your fitness goals and your progress, to check your speed and your heart rate and to improve on those achievements.

If you are going skiing then the Ski & Snowboard mode will automatically track your skiing and snowboarding runs. It apparently will know when you are getting on a lift and then when you start the run.

For me the most useful part about the Adventurer watch is that I am ‘considering/currently being persuaded’ to take part in a 44mile/24 hour walk in June next year in the Scottish Highlands.   The new ‘Hike’ mode changes the GPS sampling rate (although i can’t say I actually know what this is)  to every two seconds instead of every second to achieve 24hours of continuous GPS battery life, meaning this watch could actually last the whole walk.  Something will have to help me get round and find my way too (there is also a built in compass).

Just like the TomTom Spark (we reviewed here) there’s 4GB of music built-in, which can be listened to with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.  This does however decrease the battery life so your watch wouldn’t last 24 hours on a hike if you were listening to music too.  Something that tracked you less often then every 2 seconds might assist this perhaps, but I don’t really know about these things!

The other fabulous thing about TomTom products is that  you can try it for 30 days and if you’re not delighted with it, then they will give you your money back, making it a perfect Christmas gift!

This watch is currently being eyed up by my husband so I need to go outside…. Click right…..Select Right…. Wait for the GPS to connect and set off so he can’t have it!

NB: We were sent the TomTom Adventurer to try out but all views and opinions are my own.


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  1. January 13, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Nice review! really like the TomTom Adventurer for hiking. Routingfunction is great:-)