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    Giles Coren’s Favourite Restaurant
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    5 Tips to Enhance Your Wellbeing
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    Mauritius: Here’s Why It’s the Ultimate Luxury Holiday
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    Coffee Experts Top Cafetiere Tips

Easy Autumn Blackberry and Apple Jam

Here is my quick and easy recipe for Blackberry and Apple Jam, not authentic, but still good. It is even better if you have managed to pick the blackberries on an autumn walk. Double points.

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Back to School September Clutter Clearing

At the end of the summer holiday, I walk around the house and wonder again how we have managed to accumulate so much stuff and how much waste we seem to produce. Rationally, I know what we have to do…

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Secondhand September Soup

Secondhand September has come at a good time. Usually, I would invest in a few decent new pieces for my back to school wardrobe. This year, I have consciously not. I’m a massive fan of decluttering and donating. But I never really think of buying things second hand. So, this month I’m trying it. My first, and only purchase (so far) has been a soup maker. Wish me luck!

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Can we talk about school uniforms?

If you’ve ever heard me in the school playground, you will already know my views on school uniform. If you haven’t, and as it is back to school, I am more than happy to share my thoughts with you too…

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Becoming a gender stereotype, one nice dinner at a time

We have never really been a family of gender stereotypes. We’ve always had to pitch in as need and finances demand it. I don’t know if it is the limited palate of lockdown life or if I’m just getting older. But all of a sudden, I have that yearning to become a more typical domestic goddess

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