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  • Giles Coren’s Favourite Restaurant

    Giles Coren’s Favourite Restaurant
  • 5 Tips to Enhance Your Wellbeing

    5 Tips to Enhance Your Wellbeing
  • Mauritius: Here’s Why It’s the Ultimate Luxury Holiday

    Mauritius: Here’s Why It’s the Ultimate Luxury Holiday
  • Coffee Experts Top Cafetiere Tips

    Coffee Experts Top Cafetiere Tips

Mulling over a home makeover? Consider These Five Tips

As we tiptoe tentatively towards Christmas, it’s that time of year when we reminisce on the past in order to move ourselves forward whatever opportunities the coming year might offer. And if those amount to… View Post

An Autumn Slump

I know I need to make a change, to shake off the autumn slump. I need a quick reset. Not something that requires effort. Not something that takes a day, needs childcare, or any extra cash. Read on for my press pause plan…

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5 ways to Flex Your Creative Muscles

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Think again. You may just have a well of innate creativity just waiting to be discovered. Tapping into this unexplored source can increase your happiness and improve… View Post

Making moving house less stressful

Whether people are downsizing, moving out of the city to embrace wfh or relocating to find work, moving house comes with a lot of stressful emotions. However, there are things you can do to make moving less stressful.

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Our girls are meant to be both ‘streetwise’ and respectful?

I have watched in horror over the last weeks as yet more women have tragically lost their lives at the hands of violent men. Some not even talked about in the media. Some potentially not even investigated, just considered to be purposefully missing. I am staggered at how many men hurt, abuse and murder women. However, today, my fury is at the response from the institutions we live within who still think it is okay to blame the victim.

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